Organically Grown offers a complete fertilizing program for your trees and shrubs.  Deep root feeding with a combination of slow release fertilizer and microorganisms will bring new life to your soil, which means healthier trees and shrubs.  Healthy plants create natural antibodies to help ward off insects and disease.  Therefore, healthy plants are going to be naturally more resistant to insect infestations and diseases. As your plant or tree increases in health, the need for pesticides is lessened - if not eliminated completely.  Should insects become visible, our technicians will determine if a pesticide is warranted.


Typical Benefits of the Biological Tree & Shrub Program

Improves drought tolerance
Improves resistance to disease and pests
Increases blooms on flowering plants
Improves quality and yield of fruits and vegetables
Provides needed nutrients and microorganisms directly to plants and soil
Improves soil fertility and root structure of trees and shrubs
Improves health in plants that are under stress

Tree Fertilization colorado springs Organically Grown has developed a non-toxic, concentrated nutritional package for all trees and shrubs.  A slow release fertilizer is added to promote optimum growing conditions for your plants.  This combination provides the soil with a balanced diet of microbial activity that will encourage strong root development and vigorous growth, while the deep root injection ensures a more uniform feeding.

Our tree and shrub program is designed specifically for the extremes highs and lows of our high desert Colorado Springs climate.  The program consists of two deep root feedings with a blend of slow release fertilizers and microorganisms to improve the quality and overall health of your plants. Applications will occur in the spring, shortly after the trees come out of dormancy, and again in the fall before they go back into dormancy.  At the time of each application our technicians will inspect your trees and shrubs for any problems, including insects and disease.  If a problem should arise between applications, just call our office on Buchanan street and we will evaluate the situation. 

Tree and shrub Fertilization In our ongoing search for environmentally friendly products and practices, Organically Grown uses a systemic insecticide, through soil injection, to control insects rather than spraying harmful chemicals.  Not only do systemic insecticides offer better coverage and extended control, they also eliminate the dangers of over-spray.  The deep root injection of the insecticide means the product is contained by the soil around the plant and therefore removes the risk of contact by animals or family members.  By using a systemic, the insecticide is introduced to all parts of the plant, not just the areas a spray can reach.  (For this reason, we would not recommend this treatment on any fruit-bearing plants where you plan on eating the fruit).  Also, the effects of the insecticide will last longer since the product is actually inside the plant and will not be washed or wiped off.  This is a one-time application that should last throughout the growing season.  The cost for the systemic insecticide depends on the size of the plant.  If you are interested in using this service, please call our office and we will be happy to provide a cost.

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