Do I need to Aerate my Lawn in Colorado?

In Colorado the most important service you can do is an aeration.  Lawns that receive regular aerations will be healthier, easier to maintain, and have fewer pest and disease problems.  Even better, repeat aerations over time will make your lawn considerably more tolerant to heat and drought stress.  Due to the poor quality of soil and the extreme lack of moisture in Colorado, we strongly recommend aerating in both spring and fall. 

Colorado Springs Lawn Aeration servicesCore aeration should not be preformed on lawns that are totally brown, dormant or that still have frost in the ground. It is unlikely that plugs can even be pulled from hard or compacted soil. The best time to aerate is after the lawn is fully out of dormancy, green or mostly green and when regularly watering can occur. Therefore, Organically Grown will not start aerating in Colorado Springs until early to mid April depending on the weather and soil temperatures. Don’t be fooled by companies that want to aerate in March, they are not doing you or your lawn any favors.


Break Down Thatch
Enhance Microbial Activity
Increased Root Development
Improve Heat and Drought Stress
Reduce Insect and Disease Problems
Control Necrotic Ring Spot

Colorado Springs Aeration servicesUnlike most companies, Organically Grown does not rent machines to aerate your lawn. We own and professionally maintain our equipment to ensure a quality aeration for every customer.  Our technicians understand the importance of a good aeration and the benefits the customer will receive by a job done right.

We encourage our customers to use mulching mowers to improve soil structure by adding organic matter back  into the soil profile.  Dead grass or clippings do not create thatch! Thatch is created by dead root mass caused by poor microbial activity, over fertilization and over watering.

Colorado Springs Aeration servicesPower raking is NOT recommended; in most cases, more damage can be caused to the crown of the plant than any benefit that would be received.  We recommend a light hand raking to remove dead grass in the spring if needed.

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Irrigation checks, check for coverage and hot spots, run a catch can test for problem areas.  Time for mid-summer fertilizer applications.  Raise the mower decks to their highest settings (sharpen blades).