Green Lawn Care in Colorado Springs

Organically Grown is the only company in Colorado Springs to custom blend its fertilizer for the specific soil conditions, climate and growing environment that Colorado has to offer. Our organic based fertilizing program consists of five (5) applications scheduled approximately every 30 – 45 days.  Our slow-release fertilizers are designed to be applied in small doses over an extended period of time – a spoon-feeding for your lawn.  This will provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to produce and maintain the healthiest turf possible.

Colorado Springs lawn fertizization and weed controlWith the ever-increasing concerns about our depleted water supply, organic fertilizing is a safe, effective and economical approach to maintaining the quality lawn you are accustomed to without excessive water requirements.  When used on a regular basis, organic fertilizers will improve soil texture - especially in hard clay or sandy soils - thus promoting deeper root growth and a reduction in watering requirements.  Organic fertilizers will not burn your lawn, regardless of when watering occurs.  Our custom blended fertilizers are designed to reduce thatch, fight disease, and condition your lawn by adding more organic material to the soil.  Weeds, insects and disease will naturally become less of a problem as your lawn responds to our program.

Colorado Springs lawn fertizization and weed controlOrganically Grown has achieved great results with our organic based fertilizing program making lawns healthier than ever before.  Our organic fertilizers are unique blends of organic DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste). These are slow-release fertilizers that will supply all the essential nutrients and trace elements required for a thick, deep green lawn.  Each scheduled application will consist of organic based fertilizer and spot weed control in all turf areas.  Our state of the art weed control has been chosen for its safety towards people, pets and the environment, as well as its great control on weeds. Colorado Springs lawn fertizization and weed control To minimize the use of weed control products, our technicians are trained to spot treat only the areas of the lawn where needed. No longer do you have to wait 12 hours before letting your children or pets on the lawn. Should weed problems arise between applications, we will return free of charge to treat the problem.  (Free service calls on weeds only apply to full service customers.)  Disease and insect controls are also available if necessary. Our qualified technicians will leave recommendations on any problems or potential problems they notice regarding insects or disease.  We will also give tips on proper lawn care practices such as watering and mowing.

We believe that caring for our environment is an important commitment we must all make!  Consider taking the step away from conventional fertilizers and go with Organically Grown. 

Green Lawn Care in Colorado Springs 

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Irrigation checks, check for coverage and hot spots, run a catch can test for problem areas.  Time for mid-summer fertilizer applications.  Raise the mower decks to their highest settings (sharpen blades).