Our biological program is an excellent method in solving the most difficult to the most common lawn problems.  Biological applications can be used to treat common problems such as Necrotic Ring Spot, drought stress, thatch reduction and the treatments are completely harmless to people and pets.  Biological treatments make sure the balance is maintained by introducing beneficial bacteria into the soil profile.  Best of all, continued biological applications will significantly condition your soil, allowing it to absorb and use water more effectively.  The biological program consists of three (3) applications.  The cost for each treatment is the same as the cost for an application of fertilizer.

 Why Biological?

Biological soil programDON’T TREAT YOUR SOIL LIKE DIRT. Soil is a living, breathing thing that not only plants depend on, but all life on earth. Most people regard soil as merely a root anchor and reservoir for chemicals. The organic approach to turf care focuses on prevention. Potential problems are headed off by using only those fertilizers and other materials that have positive reactions to the soil eco-system. Great emphasis is placed on the soil and its vitality. Feed the soil first and the plant will feed itself. The end result will be a healthier and more productive plant with a deeper root system.

Despite what we believe, the soil beneath our feet is not dead matter.  Your soil is home for millions upon millions of microscopic organisms.  Soil productivity is determined not only by its physical and chemical properties, but also by the number, balance and activity of these biological elements.  We need to quit treating our soil like dirt!

Microbes and plants have evolved together over millions of years to provide full service to the plants. They decompose dead plant and animal residues to humus; combine nitrogen and carbon to prevent nutrient loss; suppress disease; develop soil structure, and water penetration/retention; clean up chemical residues; shift soil pH toward neutral; retrieve nutrients from distant parts of the soil; decompose thatch; and control nitrogen supply to the plants according to need.

Biological soil programWhen you use biologicals you are using a product that has a positive effect on the plant, soil and environment where they are placed. You have placed a very large demand on your soil to grow a plant that you expect to always be perfect. 

So how do we do that?  We start with the SOIL. By reintroducing beneficial bacteria into the soil profile, it is possible to achieve a standard of plant health that most people forget even existed. The beneficial microbes used in our program are cultured for specific uses. 

Benefits of Biologicals

For the Soil:
Promotes sustainability
Increases beneficial microbial populations
Increases nutrient availability
Decreases compaction and helps provide a better rooting environment
Reduces thatch
Supresses Necrotic Ring Spot

For the Plant:
Promotes optimum plant health
Increases nutrient availability and uptake
Increases root development
Reduces heat stress
Decreases disease

In Colorado we are asked to grow turf in some of the toughest conditions:
You are forced to over water
Walk on it each year
Poor soil environment
Cut the grass too short
Remove the clippings (a great source of organic matter and nutrition)

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Tip of the Month


Irrigation checks, check for coverage and hot spots, run a catch can test for problem areas.  Time for mid-summer fertilizer applications.  Raise the mower decks to their highest settings (sharpen blades).