Green Lawn Care in Colorado Springs

Organically Grown is the only company in Colorado Springs to custom blend its fertilizer for the specific soil conditions, climate and growing environment that Colorado has to offer. Our organic based fertilizing program consists of five (5) applications scheduled approximately every 30 – 45 days.  Our slow-release fertilizers are designed to be applied in small doses over an extended period of time – a spoon-feeding for your lawn.  This will provide your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to produce and maintain the healthiest turf possible.

Our biological program is an excellent method in solving the most difficult to the most common lawn problems.  Biological applications can be used to treat common problems such as Necrotic Ring Spot, drought stress, thatch reduction and the treatments are completely harmless to people and pets.  Biological treatments make sure the balance is maintained by introducing beneficial bacteria into the soil profile.  Best of all, continued biological applications will significantly condition your soil, allowing it to absorb and use water more effectively.  The biological program consists of three (3) applications.  The cost for each treatment is the same as the cost for an application of fertilizer.


Organically Grown offers a complete fertilizing program for your trees and shrubs.  Deep root feeding with a combination of slow release fertilizer and microorganisms will bring new life to your soil, which means healthier trees and shrubs.  Healthy plants create natural antibodies to help ward off insects and disease.  Therefore, healthy plants are going to be naturally more resistant to insect infestations and diseases. As your plant or tree increases in health, the need for pesticides is lessened - if not eliminated completely.  Should insects become visible, our technicians will determine if a pesticide is warranted.

Do I need to Aerate my Lawn in Colorado?

In Colorado the most important service you can do is an aeration.  Lawns that receive regular aerations will be healthier, easier to maintain, and have fewer pest and disease problems.  Even better, repeat aerations over time will make your lawn considerably more tolerant to heat and drought stress.  Due to the poor quality of soil and the extreme lack of moisture in Colorado, we strongly recommend aerating in both spring and fall. 

Green Lawn Care in Colorado Springs 

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Tip of the Month


Irrigation system checks, make sure those heads are still working properly.  Mid-spring/early summer fertilizer to help prepare the plant for the upcoming summer heat.